Meeting Challenges Head-On: TEKenable's Digital Transformation in the Irish Public Sector

Challenges and Opportunities in the Public Sector Landscape

Fiscal Constraints

Challenge: The pressure to reduce budget deficits has necessitated a strategic approach to resource allocation and service delivery within the public sector.


Solution: TEKenable’s expertise in cloud technology platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform, enables agencies to optimise processes, streamline operations, and achieve cost efficiencies without compromising on service quality. By transitioning from legacy systems to cloud-based solutions, agencies can maximise their budgetary resources while enhancing service delivery capabilities.

Demographic Change

Challenge: The ageing population presents significant challenges for healthcare and social welfare services, requiring innovative solutions to meet growing demand.  


Solution: TEKenable’s tailored solutions leverage the power of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and low code development to enhance service provision, improve patient outcomes, and optimise resource allocation within the healthcare sector. By harnessing the capabilities of platforms like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, agencies can effectively address the evolving needs of their stakeholders while ensuring sustainability and scalability in the face of demographic change.

Technological Change

Challenge: The rapid pace of technological change presents both opportunities and challenges for the public sector, from leveraging social media for citizen engagement to mitigating risks associated with misinformation. 


Solution: TEKenable’s solutions empower agencies to harness the latest advancements in technology while maintaining robust cybersecurity measures and compliance standards. Through our partnerships with Microsoft and Salesforce, we provide comprehensive solutions that enable agencies to navigate technological change effectively, leveraging platforms like Azure and Power Platform to drive innovation and enhance service delivery in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Skills Shortages

Challenge: The shortage of skilled professionals, particularly in IT and data analytics, poses a significant barrier to innovation and service delivery within the public sector. 


Solution: TEKenable’s expertise in technology consulting and low code development enables agencies to bridge the skills gap effectively, empowering existing staff to build and deploy custom solutions without extensive coding expertise. Through our comprehensive training programs and ongoing support, we help departments and agencies to unlock the full potential of their workforce, driving innovation and excellence in service delivery.

Evolving Citizen Expectations

Challenge: Citizens’ expectations for digital, efficient, and user-friendly services are driving the need for modernisation within the public sector. 

Solutions: TEKenable’s solutions enable agencies to meet these expectations head-on, delivering seamless and intuitive experiences across all touchpoints. From citizen engagement portals built on Microsoft Dynamics to AI-driven chatbots powered by Salesforce, we empower agencies to enhance service delivery, improve citizen satisfaction, and drive meaningful engagement in an increasingly digital world.

Our Operations in the Public Sector

Central Government

  • Det. Finance – Valuation Office – Valuations System
  • Dept. Agriculture – Animal Movement System
  • Dept. Communications – Review of An Post TV licensing service
  • Dept. Communications – System for communication and collaboration for the UN
  • Public Appointments Service – Systems and Process review & Low Code solution for COVID staffing

Local Government

  • Dublin City Council – Online Electoral Portal, City Plan Management System, Restart Grant Management System, HR Case Management System, HGV Permit Tracker Application.
  • Mayo Co Co– HR Recruitment Application and Case Management System.
  • Fingal Co Co– Service Planning Application
  • Cork, Louth & Waterford Co staffing – Part5 housing Management

Department of Health

  • HSE – COVID Contact Tracing, Ambulance Service Capacity, Fatality Tracking, Bloodstock levels, Offers of Assistance, Lab Capacity tracking, Mortuary and Remains, Temporary Staff Recruitment, Staff Sickness Tracking,, PPE request Management (used by Nursing homes, dental practices, clinics and hospitals)
  • HRB – National Physical and Sensory Disability Database, National Intellectual Disability
    Database, National Drug Treatment Reporting System, National Psychiatric In-Patient Reporting System, National Drug Related Deaths Index, The LINK system.

Semi State

  • An Post
  • UK local authority – Data Fabric implementation to support data analytics 
  • Large UK local authority – Data Fabric implementation to support data analytics

Our Core Solutions

TEKenable simplifies digital change for your business. Our expertise in Low Code Platforms, Data, and AI ensures a quick and effective transformation tailored to your needs.

Microsoft Dynamics

Create a rapidly deployed, low risk solution for your business using Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Power Platform

We offer seamless application building and data insights for dynamic business solutions.

artificial intelligence

We help you deliver enhanced throughput, reduce time to market, and personalise your product offerings.

Data and Analytics

Transform data into insights with AI and advanced Data Fabrics. Drive smarter decisions, faster.

Cloud Solutions - Azure

Allocate, cut, and monitor cloud costs in order to have a well-managed cloud environment.

Cyber Security

We have commitment to secure software development goes beyond industry standards.

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