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The world’s attention has shifted towards ESG.

Establishing a connected approach between sustainability and digital transformation can help drive sustainable decision-making and simplify doing business with you for your customers.

TEKenable help organisations at all stages in their sustainability journey. With companies that are new to ESG and sustainability we typically begin with an ‘ESG Data Health Check’, that normally takes up to 4-5 days. This process results in a report and high level road map to start you on your journey. For company’s that are a little further down the road we would be happy to chat to see how we can help or expedite your sustainability journey.

Key ESG Drivers

Regulatory Requirements

Supply & Demand

Investor Interests


Simplifying doing business with your customers is at the core of our solutions across TEKenable’s wide offering. As more regulatory demands come into place, so will more ESG requests from your customers. We understand the challenges and complexities that comes with ESG developments.
A digital-first approach will be your compass as you navigate this new territory. This is a proven process which will accelerate your sustainability transformation success.
Organisations need robust data architecture and seamless integration to ensure a proactive approach to meeting these demands. Access to ESG data is at the heart of the challenges organisations will face in sustainability transformation. Our solutions ensure optimised and central data architecture to overcome these challenges.

Accelerate Your Sustainability Transition through Digital Transformation

ESG Digital Transformation involves utilising cloud-based technologies to enable secure data storage and seamless integration between systems. This can drive sustainable decisions across your organisations operations and stakeholders. Real-time data and sophisticated analytical tools can inform and improve sustainable development planning.
Digital technologies allow your operations teams to simplify doing business with your customers. Technology makes it easier for you to drive more sustainable choices in order to be a preferred supplier to your customers.

With an ESG-focused Digital Transformation, you can:


Accelerate sales by using your data to drive sustainable decision-making and become a preferred supplier for your customer.


Engage with customers & suppliers one on one, at scale, to build meaningful relationships through an automated engagement portal.


Transform data into actionable insights. Better understand customer behaviour using digital analytics and AI to inform your decision-making.


Be flexible and engage with customers, no matter where you are, using your mobile, tablet, or PC.


Seamlessly integrate systems with real-time data to enhance your customers experiences.


Connect your existing applications, making the new applications more flexible, effective, and easy to use.

Build strong relationships with your customers, take actions based on insights, and enhance the sales process.

Our ESG Accelerators

Corporate strategy must evolve rapidly to align with the shift towards ESG-friendly culture.


To succeed, organisations must evolve from mitigation to regeneration. This requires a transition from a reactive mindset of ‘doing less harm’, to a proactive one of ‘doing more good’.


Funding is available from Enterprise Ireland for all elements of your sustainability roadmap and we can discuss further how we can guide you in applying for these grants. Deploy quickly and cost effectively and gain the co-benefits of improved security and governance in your systems with our ESG solutions:

An image of some hands holding a plant for sustainability


ESG Data Health Check

Achieving progress on sustainability is an evolutionary journey through investments in technology and data, leadership, inter-department, collaboration, and stakeholder buy-in.

This diagnostic assessment will analyse your progress from a fragmented approach to an intelligent, digital operation where sustainability has been internalized as part of its organizational culture.

“Is my organisation achieving a connected approach between sustainability and digital transformation to activate a market leading position and be a preferred supplier”


ESG enabled central data manager

Insufficient data and reporting standards hamper abilities to leverage technological innovations. There are few channels toward sharing usable data across departments or jurisdictions. There is a lack of awareness for a joined-up approach for addressing sustainability challenges, and talent strategies do not yet prioritize the need for scientific and technical skills in recruitment and retention drives.

Achieve enhanced data management architecture though Cloud-based tech and innovative digital tools that can help drive sustainable decision-making.

Be proactive with responses to stakeholder data requests. Leverage multiple sources of internal and external data to formulate decisions and interventions.

“Simplify doing business with your customers by enhancing your data architecture”

Carbon reduction with Azure

Achieving carbon reduction in any areas of the business can be complex and involve many stakeholders.

Migrating to the cloud will achieve a rapid reduction off your carbon footprint with minimum stakeholder involvement and effort.

A 2018 study found that using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform can be up to 93 percent more energy efficient and up to 98 percent more carbon efficient than on-prem solutions.

“Achieve XX% carbon reduction in your net carbon footprint by moving to the cloud. The low hanging fruit.”


ESG Tool Kit

ESG Supplier Engagement Tool

Supplier engagement is a highly manual and complex process

“Use a purpose-built portal to engage suppliers and drive productive supplier improvement.“

ESG Reporting Tool

Disclosing and reporting of ESG data is inconsistent and lacking in automation.

“Automate your companies reporting requirements such as CSRD, Taxonomy and more”

ESG Certification Manager Tool

Management of environmental certification is a highly manual and ad hoc process.

“Manage your auditable Sustainability certificates with automatic workflows“

Harness The Power Of Digital Technologies And Data To Enable Your Sustainability Journey

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