Traditional AI

Traditional AI

Revolutionise your business using artificial intelligence services. TEKenable’s team of data scientists and technologists help organisations revolutionise their business by delivering enhanced throughput, speedier time to market and more personalised offerings.

Tradicional ai


Are you looking to increase sales, cut costs, and vastly improve customer experience? Bots have become the most effective new tool to augment your business. We understand your business and customer needs, and deliver tailor-made chatbot integration, fully integrated into your existing systems to provide maximum impact.

Our AI chatbots constantly learn from previous conversations and improve their capabilities. Using AI language recognition, Chatbots provide an immediate customer service presence that offers concise answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and which, with chatbot integration into your systems, can perform transactions on behalf of the customer.


Azure Form Recognizer empowers companies to automate document processing, especially paper forms, extract valuable information, and optimise their workflows, leading to increased productivity, accuracy, and cost savings. 

Key Features and Benefits:

Form Extraction

Analyses various types of documents and can extract key fields regardless of document’s layout or format.

Custom Models

Train custom models to recognise specific document types unique to your business.


Handwriting Recognition

Handwritten entries on forms can be read and intelligently understand things like hand ticked boxes.


Integration and Automation

Integrates seamlessly with other Azure services and tools, allowing you to automate document processing workflows.


Confidence Scores
and Validation

The service assigns confidence scores to extracted data, indicating the level of certainty for each field value it reads.


Layout Understanding

The service provides insights into the structure and layout of documents.




Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Leverage OCR technology to convert scanned or photographed documents into machine-readable text.



Azure Cognitive Search is a powerful tool developed by Microsoft that helps companies make sense of vast amounts of data. Imagine having a huge pile of documents, like reports, articles, or customer reviews, and needing to find specific information within them quickly. That’s where Azure Cognitive Search comes in.



This service uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyse and understand the content of your documents. It extracts key information, such as keywords, entities (like names of people or organisations), and even sentiment (whether the text is positive or negative). It then organises this information in a way that makes it easy to search and retrieve. 


A managed service offering of industry-leading speech capabilities such as speech-to-text, text-to-speech, speech translation, and speaker recognition.

Build voice-enabled apps confidently and quickly with the Speech SDK. Transcribe speech to text with high accuracy, produce natural-sounding text-to-speech voices, translate spoken audio, and use speaker recognition during conversations. Explore with a no-code experience and create custom models tailored to your app with Speech studio.


Empower your services with AI’s natural language capabilities, including entity recognition, sentiment analysis, automated question answering and conversational language understanding. Unleash the power of these capabilities to develop applications that emulate and respond to human conversation with authenticity.



Detect and analyse content embedded in images and videos.


Gain insights from raw data with machine learning technology. Machine Learning is a “general purpose technology,” like the steam engine and electricity, which spawns a plethora of additional innovations and capabilities. We have been ahead of the curve in mastering this new technology and providing a clear differentiator for businesses

Machine learning

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