What are the benefits of IoT for your business?

At TEKenable, we emphasise the actual and important business gains and benefits of IoT. We offer an all-in-one solution, handling devices and automation. We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty technical stuff only if you’re interested, ensuring we focus on practical results.

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The buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT) can get a bit too much sometimes, just like with other technologies. You might see loads of facts about billions of devices connected, how fast IoT is growing, and many articles filled with hard-to-understand acronymsBut things get even trickier because the market is all over the place. So if your business is asking, “what are the benefits of IoT” and looking for a partner to guide you, you may just end up dealing with lots of different sellers and systems that don’t work together.

That’s where TEKenable comes in. We offer a full package that takes care of everything you need. No more confusion or things not matching up. We make it all work smoothly for you. So, you can enjoy all the benefits of IoT without any trouble.

IoT is Comprised of Six Key Elements​








We strategically choose and install sensors in your building or on machinery. They gauge temperature, pressure, air quality, vibration, and more, tailored to your needs. These self-powered sensors typically last 5-15 years on a battery and are easily replaceable if needed. Our partnership with Arrow Electronics ensures top-quality sensors and installation. To securely transmit collected data for processing, sensors require reliable communication methods. Depending on data volume, frequency, and location, we opt for suitable communication channels.


You’re likely acquainted with mobile tech like 4G and 5G. LoRa and NB-IoT (Narrow band Internet of Things) are networks built for diverse devices and services. They’re especially useful for power-saving devices in tough-to-reach spots like underground or rural areas. We might recommend a blend of communication methods, and we’re partnered with Vodafone, a top global communications provider, to ensure effective reach.


Measurements from your sensors are securely stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud. You have the flexibility to decide how long we retain this data, whether short or long term. We store the measurements in various containers, enabling versatile utilisation. This ensures the data can be easily shared with other systems you may want to access it, offering valuable insights.


Data holds individual significance, but true power lies in converting it into actionable Information. Our IoT platform processes raw data into valuable Information, often presented as interactive dashboards, visualisations of facilities, trend analysis, and forecasts. For example, we can monitor vehicle stress levels and recommend maintenance intervals based on usage patterns, ensuring optimal performance This forms part of the many benefits of IoT for your business.

Actionable Insight

On the TEKenable IoT platform, Information undergoes additional processing to yield Actionable Insights. Our Analytics Engine identifies real-time urgent conditions, triggering alarms. Through AI, we forecast impending issues and uncover hidden problems, averting potential negative impacts in advance.

Automated Actions

Ultimately, Actionable Insight drives a range of automated responses. From adjusting air conditioning in vacant meeting rooms to alerting site managers about safety concerns, it spans tasks like creating maintenance tickets and reaching out to medical experts for patients. All responses are governed by a sophisticated rules engine that’s configurable and can access external systems/data for decision-making.

MedTech​: The benefits of IoT in healthcare

The benefits of IoT in healthcare are evident in the medical field’s ongoing transformation. IoT technology enables remote patient monitoring, enhancing their quality of life while freeing up clinic time for critical cases. This proactive approach prevents acute care needs, reducing costs by focusing resources where and when needed. TEKenable collaborates with the Irish Health Service (HSE) and holds ISO13485 and IEC60304 certifications, ensuring compliance with European and US regulations for delivering necessary software as a medical device.

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings, built on IoT, foster Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Employee Wellness. Applications span occupancy measurement, room usage, elevator efficiency, smart lighting, water leak detection, and more. Employee well-being is supported through air quality and temperature management. Automation via integrated smart building software and Building Control Systems (BCS) enables proactive management. Essentially, we gather data empowering you to make informed decisions on estate strategies: Retain, Release, or Refurbish, reaping the benefits of IoT.

Smart Asset Management

The objective of Smart Asset Management  is to preserve the asset’s value for the owner and ensure continuous operation for the user of the asset. High value assets are often misplaced, stolen, abused and of course need servicing and repair. Using IoT, it is possible to locate assets, monitor their usage, inform servicing and initiate proactive repair.


Smart asset management is crucial to prevent issues like large commercial generators malfunctioning under light loads or motorcycles being dropped or stolen. Valuable assets like specialised tanks for Oil and Gas can also be prone to misplacement. Even in hospitals, better tracking could avoid unnecessary spending on wheelchairs. Proper management ensures assets perform optimally and stay secure.

An End to End Service with Our Partners

Navigating the world of IoT solutions can be complex, given the market’s fragmentation and compatibility issues. At TEKenable, we simplify the process with an all-inclusive, tailored end-to-end service. We collaborate with leading provider Arrow Electronics for sensor provision (including custom designs) and partner with Vodafone, a Gartner-recognized leader in Managed IoT Connectivity Services. Leveraging our expertise in Secure Software and Low Code solutions, we offer you a comprehensive and seamless solution to reap the full benefits of IoT.

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