Internet is Changing Many Industries, From Medicine to Asset Management & More!

TEKenable focus on the business benefits that are real and significant of using IoT.  We provide an end to end solution from devices to automation as a one stop shop and we will only talk about the deep technical details if you want us to.

Internet of Things (IoT) has, like most technologies at one time or another been hyped to death. Any search engine will happily quote stats on the number of billions of devices connected, the hockey stick growth of IoT and innumerable articles packed with impenetrable acronyms speak about the technology.

Compounding the confusion is that the market is very fragmented so businesses in search of the promised benefits can find themselves having to deal with multiple vendors and incompatible systems.  TEKenable provides an end to end service covering all of the pillars that we show below removing complexity and incomopatibility issues for you.

IoT is Comprised of Six Key Elements








Sensors are selected and installed in your building, on you machinery etc. They measure things like temperature, pressure, air quality, vibration, location, presence of people, whatever it is that needs to be measured. These are usually self powered with a battery life measured in years (5-15 years is not unusual) and are easily replaced in the rare event that they break. We are partnered with Arrow Electronics for the provision of sensors and their installation/maintenance.

The sensors need a way to securely send the measurements that they collect to a system for processing, so they need communications. Depending on how much data the sensors will send, how often they send it and the services available where they will be operating we select a communications method.


You are probably familiar mobile technologies like 4G, 5G. LoRa and NB-IoT (Narrow band Internet of Things), are networks developed to support a wide range of devices and services. More particularly for usage in devices that need to conserve power and battery life if for example they are in hard to reach areas such as underground or rural environments.

A mix of communications technologies may be needed but we will advise on that if needed. We are partnered with Vodafone which is a premier communications provider with a global reach for communications. 


The measurements that come from your sensors will be securely held in the Microsoft Azure cloud. We can keep these for as long or as a short a time as you need. We can store the measurements in multiple types of containers allowing them to be used in lots of different ways including making the data set available to other systems you may wish to be able to access it.


Measurements, data, are in individually interesting but real power comes from turning them into Information. Our IoT platform takes the raw data and creates Information. Information is usually seen as dashboards, visualizations of factories or buildings etc that can be viewed and interacted with, trends and forecasts. We can monitor the level of stress placed on vehicles and suggest maintenance intervals based on the level of use and abuse for example.

Actionable Insight

Information can be further processed on the TEKenable IoT platform to give Actionable Insight. Our Analytics Engine can detect conditions needing immediate action in real time and raise the alarm and using AI we can predict impending problems and detect hidden issues in time to prevent the problem having a negative impact.

Automated Actions

Finally, Actionable Insight can be used to automatically take actions as wide and various as turning down the air conditioning in an empty meeting room, alerting a site manager to a potential safety hazard, opening a maintenance ticket in a support system and calling a medical specialist for an ill patient. Automated responses to observed conditions all defined by a sophisticated rules engine that can be configured and access other systems/data sets to make decisions.


The medical world is undergoing a transformation through using IoT technology to monitor patients from the comfort of their own home. Community Monitoring improves the patient’s quality of life, frees up clinic time for those who need it when they need it and helps ensure medical intervention occurs before acute care is needed. This of course also reduces the cost of medical care but focusing it where it is needed when it is needed and moving from reactive to proactive.

TEKenable is working with the Irish Health Service (HSE) as part of the Digital Health Leadership Steering/Strategy Group (DHLSG) and the National Digital Healthcare Innovation Centre.

Our ISO13485 and IEC60304 certifications (Software as a Medical Device) also enables us to deliver the necessary software compliant to European and US regulations.

Smart Buildings

Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Employee wellness are all supported by a Smart Building and Smart Buildings are built on IoT. Some applications include: Estate management (occupancy measurement, room usage patterns), Efficiency (elevator calling based on people’s movements, canteen knows how many staff are in and can judge food need, smart lighting, water leak detection etc), Employee Wellness (air quality, temperature management, Legionnaires prevention etc). Automation, the integration of smart building software with Building control system (BCS).

In essence we collect data that allows you to make business decisions on your estates to Retain, Release or Refurbish.

Smart Asset Management

High value assets are often misplaced, stolen, abused and of course need servicing and repair. Using IoT it is possible to locate assets, monitor their usage and inform servicing and initiate proactive repair.

The objective is to preserve the asset’s value for the owner and ensure continuous operation for the user of the asset.

Large commercial generators for example do not work well under light loads and can actually be damaged by them. Motorcycles can be dropped into their side or stolen and specialist tanks used in Oil and Gas are often misplaced high value assets. We have even seen expenditure on wheelchairs in hospitals being higher than necessary through lack of tracking!

An End to End Service with Our Partners

Buying IoT solutions can be very difficult. The market is quite fragmented and full of incompatible services. TEKenable offer an end to end service with everything integrated and matching your needs. We work with the market leading provider, Arrow Electronics, for the provision of sensors (or sensor design if you need custom devices) and with Vodafone for communications.

Vodafone has been, for the eighth time in a row, named by Gartner as a Leader in its 2022 Magic Quadrant for Managed IoT Connectivity Services. And, of course, we bring our expertise in Secure Software and Low Code solutions to complete the service.

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