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Start running a secure, well-managed cloud environment with Microsoft Azure management services

Using Microsoft Azure management services, we help companies manage their cloud spending by allocating, cutting and monitoring cloud costs, adding flexibility and ensuring you are aware of the new cloud capabilities as they mature.

Why use our Azure Management Services?

Self – Service Capability

You are provided with the ability for self-service – to monitor current cloud processes, establish new processes, monitor usage and adjust the cost of resource allocation. Using the reporting capabilities, you can track budgetary allocations and adjust where necessary to reduce operating costs;

Task Automation

We automate workflows and policies enabling you to transform your business strategies into actions and take the steps required to create and handle cloud instances with minimal human assistance or interference;


Utilising App Services and integrating with platform services like Service Bus and Cortana Intelligence, Flow, Application Insights and Security Centre for management we help organisations achieve greater operational agility, better IT governance and tighter integration of components across the enterprise.


We provide custom configurations, consulting and advice on which applications should migrate to the Cloud and to what model (SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS);

Optimization by Governance

We provide cloud governance strategy with detailed stated guidelines, which enables organisations to evaluate and maintain their cloud solution. Cloud governance can effectively reduce inefficient occurrences of cloud usage, therefore ensuring the responsible utilization of resources.

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Proven Track Record of Delivery into Enterprise Customers

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Over 150 Experienced Experts in Cloud and Low Code Platforms

Guaranteed a High Standard of In-House Expertise


Proven Track Record of Delivery into Enterprise Customers

Over 150 Experienced Experts in Cloud and Low Code Platforms

Guaranteed a High Standard of In-House Expertise

Customer Success Stories

”TEKenable provided end to end expert technical advice throughout our major project to deliver fully integrated student grant administration systems for the Irish Government. From the original TEKenable architecture design concept, supporting us through complex public procurement and project governance frameworks and during the systems analysis, development, testing and implementation stages, the TEKenable team’s service delivery has been reliably and reassuringly available, comprehensive, agile and professional”
Paul Spring
ITC Manager

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