How our values define our culture.

How our values define our culture.

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At TEKenable, our commitment to technological development is matched by our strong values.

As we noted previously, TEKenable has officially been certified as a Great Place to Work. This is a welcome recognition of our commitment to both our people and to deploying the latest and most exciting technology. 

The role of new technology, which allows our people to develop their careers, cannot be overstated. In addition, however, our values have made a major contribution. Indeed, empowering our staff is central to how we develop both our workplace culture and our business itself.

Of course, virtually every business today talks a great talk about diversity, equality and inclusion, as well as making commitments to ‘ESG’ (environmental, social, and corporate governance) frameworks. But at TEKenable, we mean it.

At TEKenable, our core values are resilience, heartfelt service and a culture of striving for the best and having insatiable curiosity. Our international team, spread around the world and hailing from a variety of cultures, is diverse by its very nature, and we are proud of that fact.

In practice, this means we not only do not tolerate discrimination but actively seek to promote an environment in which our people can thrive.

Fair, fun and forward-looking

Responding to our Great Place to Work survey, 95 per cent of TEKenable staff respondents said they felt they were treated fairly regardless of sexual orientation. 98 per cent, meanwhile, said they felt they were treated fairly regardless of gender and 96 per cent felt they were treated fairly regardless of race.

We are also keenly aware of another, often forgotten, form of discrimination: age. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is especially an issue in the technology sector, given its focus on novelty. However, at TEKenable, 97 per cent of respondents said they felt they were treated fairly regardless of their age.

Overall, 90 per cent responded agreeing to the statement “I can be myself around here”, while 94 per cent agreed that it was a friendly place to work. Some 93 per cent said they agreed people at TEKenable care about each other.

However, ensuring that there is no place for discrimination is only the baseline for us. Equally important is ensuring that our people have opportunities to progress.

This starts with collaboration and communication. At TEKenable, we promote open communication and a management culture that is centred on the ability to be open. 94 per cent of respondents to our Great Place to Work survey said we had succeeded in this and had approachable management, while 91 per cent said they felt free to ask managers any reasonable question, safe in the knowledge that they would get a straight answer.

In addition, we want to see our team members succeed: 86 per cent of survey respondents reported they were offered training that allowed them to further themselves professionally. 

Naturally, this benefits us as a company. After all, working in fast-moving sectors such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber security, we need to stay on top of things and even predict where things might go. Training is not limited only to things that benefit TEKenable, however. We see continuing professional development (CPD) as a true win-win situation and want our team members to advance their careers by developing new skills, not just perfecting the ones they already have.

Ultimately, our goal is that, whoever you are, you will be able to become your best self at TEKenable.

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