Choosing the Right Automation Tool

Choosing the Right Automation Tool

As much as Salesforce best practice is to keep things simple, if a solution can be achieved using Workflow, no need to complicate it using Process builder or flow for it. However, this isn’t applicable at all times, every use case has its own requirements, and one rule doesn’t apply to everything. We have to tailor the solution based on the needs. From what I could remember Salesforce best practice was to use the simplest tool first to achieve a solution and then move a level up. 

However, Salesforce is upgrading the Flow Builder with every release, enhancing its features and available functionalities. Flows are taking over all other automation tools and are capable of doing almost as much as what we can achieve using apex. It is now recommended to use Flows for all new processes

The only time we should consider Apex is when a solution cannot be achieved via Flow. Process Builders are recommended for existing processes only as per Salesforce recommendation and declarative automation using Flows is the best practice.

Organisations not on Enterprise or Unlimited edition must be careful though and look out for the limits. There is a limit of 5 processes and 5 flows per org so companies using Essentials or Professional edition have to choose wisely. It’s probably more suitable for them to use workflows for small requirements keeping Process Builder and Flows for complex needs.

Salesforce provides great variety of tools to bring companies and their clients together, moreover, choosing the right automation tool can help organisations unlock true potential especially in post-pandemic hybrid work environment.

Author: Maria Masood, Senior Functional Consultant at TEKenable. Written on August, 2021.

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