Project Spotlight On The Weatherbys Stallion Book Application

Project Spotlight On The Weatherbys Stallion Book Application

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Weatherbys had a joint venture running a Global Stallions Mobile App for Flat Stallions to allow stallion owners to publicise their stallions along with the offspring from these Stallions. This App is a showcase of the lineage of these stallions and the progeny they produce.

Weatherbys wanted to develop a modern mobile first website to house all Flat & National Hunt stallions in one location for Ireland, GB, and France and leverage the Weatherbys held information on these animals.


TEKenable have been working with Weatherbys for the past few years and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Their professionalism, technological delivery and customer service is exemplary. I look forward to continuing our partnership with TEKenable to complete our current projects and explore new opportunities.

Russell Ferris

Weatherbys CEO

We built a mobile-first modern website ( and integrated it with Weatherbys data to provide this stallion list. The system also allows stud farms to provide advertising information as part of the site. The backend was delivered using Power Platform. The project was delivered in just under 3 months.

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