How Amara Therapeutics is Empowering Millions of Women Worldwide to Manage their Bladder Health

In the rapidly evolving field of digital wellbeing, Amara Therapeutics is spearheading a transformation in bladder health management. Faced with the widespread challenge of OAB (overactive bladder), a condition that causes urinary frequency and urinary incontinence which significantly diminishes quality of life, they identified the need for an innovative solution. They found a reliable partner in TEKenable, leading to the development of the BladderBoss App®.

A New Way to Improve Bladder Health

Overactive Bladder (OAB) is a debilitating condition that affects millions of women globally but remains underserved by current systems. In response, Amara Therapeutics partnered with TEKenable to develop BladderBoss, a feature-rich mobile app that delivers an 8-week program to reduce the impact of OAB. This science-backed program, empowers women to take control of their bladder health with tools such as:

  • Digital Bladder Diary: Tracks urinary patterns to foster better understanding and control.
  • Instant Help for Urgency: Offers techniques to manage sudden urges, enhancing overall bladder control.
  • Bladder Retraining: Implements behavioral therapy techniques for lasting improvements in bladder function.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques: Addresses the psychological factors affecting bladder health.
  • Dietary Guidance: Provides nutritional advice to support bladder health.
  • Guided Goal setting: Engages users with interactive challenges to set and achieve health goals.

The Challenge: Making Online Solutions Engaging

From the start, TEKenable worked in close collaboration with Amara Therapeutics to tailor the BladderBoss app to the unique challenges faced by women with overactive bladder. This partnership was dedicated to crafting a solution that was extremely user-friendly, especially for those who are less tech-savvy. The focus was on a seamless blend of design and functionality to ensure users would actively engage with and complete the program.

“TEKenable was pivotal in transforming our vision into reality. Their mastery in UX/UI design was essential in bringing BladderBoss to life.”

— Brendan Staunton, Co-founder of Amara Therapeutics

The Challenge: Guaranteeing Technical Reliability and Protecting Privacy

Addressing technical reliability was paramount. TEKenable tackled challenges like fluctuating internet speeds to ensure smooth video and audio playback, crucial for uninterrupted content delivery. This meticulous attention to detail ensured that each user interaction was smooth and effective, thereby boosting adherence to the program.

“TEKenable’s skill in optimizing our content delivery has made BladderBoss an exceptionally user-friendly app, which is vital for our users’ consistent engagement and overall satisfaction.”

— Brendan Staunton

Additionally, TEKenable followed strict best practice guidelines to meet the highest cybersecurity and data protection standards. This commitment to compliance helps secure user data and build trust, allowing users to focus on their wellbeing without concerns about privacy.

Game-Changing Results

The impact of BladderBoss has been profound and widespread. Users have reported great improvements in their bladder health and overall quality of life.

The app’s comprehensive approach, merging physical and psychological techniques, has made it a transformative force in the digital wellbeing space.

“I was at my wit’s end with my bladder and wasn’t sure if anything could help, but BladderBoss has been a lifesaver. The app has loads of useful tools and information, and I really felt supported the whole way through the program. I can’t thank you enough for the improvements I have experienced!”

— Sam A., 48

“I have been very surprised by my success in changing my bad habits and I’m delighted with the results.”

— Elena A., 65

“This app was very helpful. The lady speaking was very clear, helpful, and a pleasure to listen to.”

— Charlotte A., 41

“It was great and encouraged me to change some behaviors that reduced my frequency of bathroom visits and helped me recognize the triggers.”

— Hannah B., 57

A Partnership Built on Innovation and Trust

And that’s the story of how a visionary idea, a deep understanding of the problem, and the right partnership can transform bladder management, one powerful digital solution at a time. The collaboration between Amara Therapeutics and TEKenable exemplifies the power of uniting technical skill with visionary objectives.

“Our journey with TEKenable has been about more than just developing an app; it’s been about creating a partnership. TEKenable has proven to be a world-class partner. Their team is passionate, responsive, and deeply invested in our success. We are excited to continue our collaboration on future projects.”

— Brendan Staunton, Co-founder of Amara Therapeutics

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How Amara Therapeutics is Empowering Millions of Women Worldwide to Manage their Bladder Health

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