Chat with your Documents Solution

Chat with your Documents Solution

Around 80% of a company’s data is thought to be unstructured, underscoring the importance of advanced technologies such as Generative AI and Azure OpenAI. These tools are invaluable in harnessing unstructured data, empowering staff to make informed decisions and elevate customer service quality.

What is Chat with your Documents Solution?

We believe that unstructured data holds a wealth of untapped information and knowledge for organisations. Research reports, sales proposals, strategies, and other documents contain valuable institutional knowledge that often gets lost as people leave. There is probably more information and knowledge locked up in your unstructured data than there is in your formal databases or ERP and CRM. Our application enables users to quickly ask questions and receive curated answers from your corporate knowledge, not just a list of documents to read as a search result would.

Our Azure-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Chat with Your Documents, bridges the gap between unstructured data and actionable insights. Here’s how it works:

Corporate Knowledge Interaction: 

Users can directly engage with your organization’s corporate knowledge, currently buried in unstructured documents, through a Natural Language Chat UI application. Accessible via any web browser, this solution empowers your team to extract relevant information effortlessly.

Leveraging Azure Cognitive AI Service:

• Azure OpenAI: Our solution harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create natural

language applications. It understands and generates text, making interactions seamless.

• Azure Cognitive Search: This cloud-based AI Search service allows you to build

rich search experiences over your data. The results are presented as curated and

summarised answers, streamlining information retrieval.

Precision and Control:

• We fine-tune the AI behaviour to respond solely based on information within your

documents (no reliance on internet content).

• Our system avoids creative text generation that might lead to incorrect answers.


Time Saving

Our software goes beyond retrieval, analysing documents and delivering valuable insights. It provides coherent, content-blended responses, extracting key information from multiple sources.

Conversational Interface

Leveraging natural language processing, our software understands query context. It handles complexity, follows up, and ensures accurate responses in dynamic conversations.

Seamless Integration

Unlike traditional keyword searches, we prioritise relevance and meaning, not just shared keywords.

Beyond Search

Our solution stands alone or seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring constant access to institutional knowledge.


TEKenable provisions the Chat with Your Documents solution within a standalone Azure Subscription. We deploy the Azure OpenAI Landing Zone, integrating a variety of services seamlessly.

Unlock the hidden potential of your unstructured data with TEKenable’s Chat with Your Documents Solution. Empower your team, enhance decision-making, and revolutionise how you access critical information.

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