Empowering Sustainability through Centralised Data Management

Empowering Sustainability through Centralised Data Management

TEKenable specialises in assisting businesses in managing their sustainability goals and reporting. One of the key areas of our expertise lies in developing comprehensive solutions that streamline sustainability data management and reporting processes for our clients. By utilising a low code, no code approach and leveraging Microsoft technologies such as PowerApps, Dynamics 365, and Azure Cloud, TEKenable enables organisations to effectively collect, track, and report on sustainability data across their supply chain.

TEKenable’s solutions address the common challenge of fragmented data availability by integrating key sustainability data sources from various systems within the client’s organisation. This integration eliminates the need for manual work to consolidate data, resulting in a more efficient and accurate reporting process. Our ESG data health check diagnostic assessment ensures that the client’s sustainability data collection and reporting align with best practice standards, identifying any gaps that need to be addressed.

TEKenable’s ESG data management solution provides a centralised approach to sustainability data collection and management, offering a cohesive platform for tracking and reporting on sustainability performance. Additionally, we offer supplier engagement solutions that allow clients to capture missing data in the supply chain and assess the sustainability performance of their suppliers. These cloud-based solutions also facilitate communication and collaboration with suppliers to improve their environmental and social practices, promoting sustainable procurement.

Overall, TEKenable’s expertise and technology solutions empower businesses to effectively manage their sustainability performance and achieve their ESG goals. By implementing our comprehensive cloud-based solutions, organisations can enhance their data management capabilities, streamline reporting processes, and ensure their sustainability practices align with industry best practices. TEKenable’s focus on sustainability helps clients drive positive environmental and social change while meeting their business objectives.

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