Compliance Manager

What is Compliance Manager?

Every business needs to comply with regulatory guidelines and legal procedures. Compliance management helps organisations deal with the obligations like GDPR which is a general data protection rule implemented across Europe. 

A customisable and robust solution for your compliance needs.

Many businesses are still using massive spreadsheets to track their control performance and regulatory mappings. A lot of businesses are concerned about missing compliance deadlines and the resulting impact on their business. They need a centralised place where they can keep track of all regulatory requirements, queries, and status updates. A tool with a guided process flow empowering your team to focus on more strategic objectives. A tool which can help you prevent or manage critical risks including finance, legal, and regulatory compliance, and strategic and operational risks. Every organisation requires a compliance management framework with a set of protocols that need to be followed.

Different business processes require approvals and consensus from multiple stakeholders. A compliance management tool replaces the effort of one person individually following up with different people and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. This tool captures the compliance process from initiating a query to communicating it with relative stakeholders within the organisation to resolving the query. The queries processed include but are not limited to data access requirements, data breaches, conflict of interest issues and other complaints from the customer.

How it works?

TEKenable offers an off-the-shelf compliance management tool which serves as an integrated process workflow, audited record and restricted environment for execution and tracking of compliance issues. Known as “Compliance Manager” the tool allows selective and restricted access but integrates with Dynamics 365 Customer Service to allow compliance cases to be received through many communication channels and to be referred from Customer Service to Compliance Manager for management. 

Compliance Case status is reported automatically back to Customer Service while keeping the details private within Compliance Centre.  This allows sensitive cases to be dealt with confidentiality while allowing the broader customer service team to be aware of the case’s existence and if it is open or resolved. 

Out of the box, Compliance Centre manages the capture and tracking of:

Where appropriate defined resolution SLAs can be applied to Compliance case to avoid inadvertent SLA breaches.

Workflow Automation

Effective Collaboration

Scalable & Easy to use

How can Compliance Manager help you?

COVID-19 has amplified the need for digitisation and ad hoc manual paper-based and people-dependent compliance programs are becoming a legacy. Companies investing in digitising their compliance management have become far more resilient and adaptable.

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