Technological leadership in a fast-changing world

Technological leadership in a fast-changing world


By ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of technology, TEKenable is able to guide our clients into the world of tomorrow with confidence.

No-code, cloud, and now mixed reality and artificial intelligence  (AI). The pace of change in information technology, and as a result in wider society, can be as blistering as it is exciting. At TEKenable, we strive to not just keep abreast of these changes but to understand the possible impact they will have, and we think that our two decade-long track record is a demonstration of our success.

Consider how the tech world, or even just the world, has changed since our foundation in 2002. Still reeling from the dotcom crash, businesses looked at information technology with scepticism. The internet was important, and it was obvious that it was only going to become more important, but it had not yet penetrated our every waking moment. DSL broadband was being rolled out but coverage was patchy, and while 3G spectrum auctions were underway, mobile internet was little more than a curiosity.

This was a time before the iPhone, a time when Netflix sent out DVDs by mail and when shares in Amazon.com were considered a speculative investment. Enterprise IT, too, was different. Businesses still ran everything on their on-premise hardware – servers, routers and switches – and the very uses to which it was put were very different. 

IT was largely operational, supporting at best quasi-digitised paper-based processes and the single more important internet application was e-mail. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software ran as desktop applications, and routine use of internet-based software, what we now call software as a service (SaaS), was only a glint in the eye of Oracle founder Larry Ellison.


Given the waves of revolution that were to come, it’s safe to say that any business that stood still in 2002 would be in severe difficulty today. Of course, the future is by its nature unpredictable, but as a technology leader, TEKenable sees it as one of our core missions to guide our clients through this very unpredictability. 

Naturally, this is reflected in how our people view us – and we like to think it is a significant contributing factor to our ability to hire the best of the best.

Responses to our staff survey, conducted as part of our Great Place to Work ranking process, included that we “gave great opportunities to work on projects and technologies”, that we always provide the opportunity to “learn new technologies” and are “always using the latest technologies”. High praise!

At TEKenable, we don’t just deploy new technologies, however. We strive for leadership in them. For example, in May we launched our own generative AI tool, powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI, called Chat With Your Documents.

Chat With Your Documents solves a real business problem: hitherto, every research report, sales proposal, strategy, product or project document contains valuable institutional knowledge that is progressively lost from an organisation as people leave, and this information is very hard or even impossible for new joiners to acquire. Chat With Your Documents deploys a large language model (LLM) AI to make this information accessible.

It’s not just AI, either. In June, Apple wowed visitors to its World Wide Developer Conference (WWCD) by showing them its latest product: the Apple Vision Pro headset. Undoubtedly it’s an impressive device and Apple’s imprimatur is always welcome as it has been shown to help move technologies into the mainstream. 

However, at TEKenable,  we have been deploying mixed reality (MR) into business environments for some time. Using Dynamics 365, for instance, we have led the way on pushing remote collaboration beyond just video conferencing, overlaying digital content in real-world business scenarios in a 3D augmented reality to enable greater efficiency and teamwork.

Cloud, too, is at the core of what we do. While today, cloud is the standard for deploying enterprise applications, TEKenable was a pioneer, and our partnerships with Microsoft and Salesforce mean we can ensure our clients are cloud-enabled for sales, service, marketing and more, ensuring access to data is at the core of their user experience.  

In addition, as experts in automation and development, we have been at the centre of digital transformation for countless businesses and other organisations, allowing them to meet their customers where they are – which, today, is everywhere.

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