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Many legacy systems, while offering certain advantages for financial management, also come with several limitations that can impact its usability and effectiveness.

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Limitations of legacy financial systems

OCR and Procure-to-Pay Automation Challenges: The system’s capability to efficiently handle Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automate Procure-to-Pay processes is inadequate. This could lead to inaccuracies in data extraction from invoices, delays in invoice processing, and errors in payment approvals. These limitations can hinder the efficiency and accuracy of financial operations.

Solution: Microsoft Power Platform provides powerful automation capabilities through Power Automate. Users can easily create custom workflows to automate tasks like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for document processing and procurement processes.


Weak Reporting Functionality: The built-in reporting features of many legacy systems lack the depth and customisation options required for comprehensive financial analysis. Insufficient reporting capabilities hinder the ability to generate insightful reports, making it difficult to gain actionable insights and support informed decision-making.

Solution: Business Central offers robust reporting capabilities with built-in Power BI integration. Users can create interactive reports and dashboards to gain valuable insights into their financial data.


User Experience and Interface Issues: The Customer Experience (CX) and User Interface (UI) of many legacy systems do not align with modern standards of user intuitiveness. A non-intuitive interface can increase the learning curve for users, result in errors, and lead to inefficiencies in navigating and using the system effectively.


Solution: Microsoft continually updates Business Central’s user interface and user experience to meet modern business standards. Its intuitive interface ensures a user-friendly experience.


Limited Interoperability: Many legacy systems struggle to integrate seamlessly with other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. Poor integration with Microsoft Azure and Office 365 can hamper data sharing, collaboration, and overall workflow efficiency, hindering the organisation’s ability to leverage a unified technology ecosystem.


Solution: Microsoft Business Central seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure and Office 365, allowing for efficient data sharing and collaboration across various Microsoft services. Microsoft Power Platform connectors enable easy integration with a wide range of SaaS products and services, improving interoperability.


TEKenable offers an opportunity to modernise and enhance your operational efficiency by replacing outdated legacy systems that may be constraining your growth prospects. Irrespective of your company’s size, whether you are a small to medium-sized enterprise aiming to streamline your financial workflows or a larger corporation in need of a comprehensive upgrade, we can provide a solution tailored to your specific needs.


Microsoft Business Central isn’t merely a software solution; it signifies a profound transformation for your business. It’s about moving beyond the limitations imposed by legacy systems and stepping into a realm characterised by flexibility, innovation, and enhanced capabilities. By embracing Business Central, you’re not just conducting an upgrade; you’re empowering your entire organisation. Make the frustrations of outdated software a thing of the past and welcome automatic updates, cutting-edge features, and the agility to respond swiftly to changing circumstances.

Why Choose Business Central?

Centralised Power: Experience the true essence of centralisation as you embrace Microsoft Azure’s robust infrastructure. Empower your business operations with seamless communication and collaboration through Microsoft Teams and Outlook, all integrated within Business Central.


Security and Scalability: Rest easy knowing that your business is fortified by Microsoft’s state-of-the-art security measures. Business Central scales effortlessly as your business grows to accommodate your evolving needs.


Modern Financial Excellence: Evolve beyond legacy systems and embrace the modern era with Business Central. Enjoy the benefits of rapid updates, constant innovation, and access to the latest features, keeping your business ahead of the curve.


Advanced Reporting and Automation: Unleash the power of automation with our AP automation and OCR capabilities. Effortlessly manage your suppliers, automatically match invoices, and streamline your reporting processes for unparalleled efficiency.


From SMEs to Enterprise: Whether you’re a small business aiming to optimise your financial workflow or a large enterprise with complex requirements, our Business Central solution caters to businesses of all sizes. From finance to operations, we’ve got the solution you need.


While some legacy systems may offer some financial management capabilities, its limitations in areas such as OCR, reporting, user experience, integration, and flexibility can hinder its effectiveness in meeting the evolving needs of modern businesses. Microsoft Business Central and Microsoft Power Platform address the limitations of legacy systems by offering enhanced automation, robust reporting, improved user experience, better integration options, comprehensive ERP capabilities, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs. TEKenable, leveraging these Microsoft solutions, can empower organisations to streamline their financial and operational processes while facilitating data-driven decision-making.

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