Artificial Intelligence – Augumented Workforce

Build a digitally augmented workforce through intelligent automation at scale

Rapidly changing technology landscape, like artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation, are quickly replacing a lot of our everyday tasks, making our jobs not only easier, but smarter and more productive as well. The reality is, the digital revolution is here to stay and will change the lives of sales, support and marketing for the greater good. The future of work is Augmented Workforce!

How augmented reality is being used to transform the workforce?

The availability of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive computing and Robotic Process Automation tools is enabling organisations create augmented workforce by redesigning the roles that humans perform.


This enables the human workforce to be focused on quintessentially human skills such as empathy, creativity, emotional intelligence and enables the organisation to offer service levels never seen before.

Smart Buildings

AI tools can be used to analyse data from smart buildings and factories to predict impending problems and detect hidden issues in time to prevent the problem having a negative impact on wellness, costs or operations.

Medical Technology

Combining our Software As a Medical Deice certifications (ISO13485 and IEC62304) with IoT and AI means we can transform medical clinics from places were patients who do not need to change their treatment come to be checked to places where the AI has detected the patient needs to be seen.

Workforce Management

Leveraging augmented reality and virtual training, geographic and time-zone barriers are eliminated, enabling comprehensive training for team managers. Electronic pointers and 3D models help improve service efficiency, ensuring real-time access to information necessary for job completion. Highly skilled technicians can assist junior agents with remote training, improving productivity across the board.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

The elimination of non-value adding tasks has always been on the Lean agenda, but it is now possible to take that a step further and automate many value adding activities that humans would once have done.

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Proven Track Record of Delivery into Enterprise Customers

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Over 150 Experienced Experts in Cloud and Low Code Platforms

Guaranteed a High Standard of In-House Expertise


Proven Track Record of Delivery into Enterprise Customers

Over 150 Experienced Experts in Cloud and Low Code Platforms

Guaranteed a High Standard of In-House Expertise

Customer Success Stories

”TEKenable provided end to end expert technical advice throughout our major project to deliver fully integrated student grant administration systems for the Irish Government. From the original TEKenable architecture design concept, supporting us through complex public procurement and project governance frameworks and during the systems analysis, development, testing and implementation stages, the TEKenable team’s service delivery has been reliably and reassuringly available, comprehensive, agile and professional”
Paul Spring
ITC Manager

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