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As we are on the precipice of one of the greatest threats to our existence, it is paramount we all seek out solutions to the climate crisis for the posterity of our future generations. Not only is this out of good conscience but it is also a legal obligation for the 196 parties that signed up to The Paris Agreement of 12 December 2015. This is now a mandate. But to effect real change, organisations must lead from the front due to the collective threat doing business poses on our planet.  

The good news is technology can play an important role in positively affecting the environment for all businesses willing to adopt a digital strategy with sustainability at the heart of it. And this is a strategy all organisations should be considering now as a priority.

Sustainability in the New Technological Era

To effect real change, organisations must lead from the front due to the collective threat doing business poses on our planet.

In this new technological era, digital transformation is an entirely revolutionary way of doing business, by leveraging digital technologies such as cloud, big data, mobile computing, social computing, automation, and analytics to deliver significant improvements in operational efficiencies and customer experiences.

Fundamentally, business by its very nature has an environmental, social, and economic footprint, and digital transformation directly impacts the sustainability aspects of doing business.

Organisations who adopt a climate conscious digital strategy can use digital transformation as a tool to reduce their environmental impact while also benefiting from all the other benefits digital transformation brings to the fore.

As sustainability becomes the number one most pressing global priority it becomes increasingly important for organisations to adopt a digital transformation strategy for addressing sustainability challenges and to understand the link between both. 


Given that the utilisation of servers in the cloud is significantly higher than on premise this gives a huge efficiency gain. Increasing the utilisation rate from 10% to 40% will allow a server to process 4 times the previous load, while the power draw by the server may only increase 1.7 times.

At TEKenable we partner with Salesforce to deliver digital solutions for our clients that help reduce carbon emissions and the Salesforce platform utilises renewable energy sources to power their data-centers. In fact, Salesforce views sustainability as such a high priority it has it as one of their core values

Sustainability Strategy

In conclusion, digital technologies are not only transforming markets and creating new paradigms of doing business, but the technologies are also providing solutions to organisations for addressing sustainability challenges.


As an organisation, TEKenable have created the following policies to drive our own sustainability strategy and we use technology to underpin these for greater visibility of our output, but it has also helped us in becoming a more climate conscious organisation which is something we are passionate about:

We partner with organisations to deliver digital solutions that help our clients be more environmentally friendly. 

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