Harness the power of Medical AI to revolutionise the Healthcare industry

Challenges and Opportunities in the Medtech Sector


Challenge: In today’s data-driven world, medical professionals are faced with an overwhelming amount of patient data, diagnostic images, and clinical research.


Solution: At TEKenable, we specialise in developing and implementing customised Medical AI solutions tailored to the unique needs of healthcare organisations. Medical AI is a game-changer, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse vast amounts of healthcare data and extract valuable insights. By augmenting human capabilities, Medical AI enables more accurate diagnoses, personalised treatments, and proactive healthcare management.

Regulatory Compliance

Challenge: The healthcare sector faces several challenges with regulatory compliance. The challenge is ensuring the privacy and security of patient data while adhering to industry best practices and complying with relevant healthcare regulations. The healthcare industry is also complex, with unique regulatory requirements that must be navigated. 


Solution: TEKenable also prioritises the privacy and security of patient data. Their solutions adhere to industry best practices and comply with relevant healthcare regulations, ensuring that patient information is handled securely and confidentially.

Macroeconomic Complexities

Challenge: The medtech industry faces several challenges, including navigating regulatory challenges, leveraging cross-sector expertise, and thriving amid disruption, inflation, supply constraints, and geopolitical tensions. Strategic collaborations and partnerships are essential to ensure innovative solutions and improved patient outcomes. Continuous innovation is also crucial to future-proof the medtech industry.


Solution: TEKenable, for example, facilitates collaborations across the medtech landscape and assists organisations in thriving despite macroeconomic complexities. They also help shape the future of healthcare by staying ahead of industry trends and prioritising patient well-being.

Our Operations in the Medtech Sector


COVID Contract Tracing, Ambulance Service Capacity, Fatality Tracking, Bloodstock levels, Offers of Assistance, Lab Capacity tracking, Mortuary and Remains, Temporary Staff Recruiytment, Staff Sickness Tracking, PPE request Management (used by Nursing homes, dental practices, clinics and hospitals).

Tertiary Care

  • St James – Prescribing Guidance System
  • Mater Private – Financial Management & Service optimisation
  • Blackrock clinic – Lab Orders, Health Insurance
  • Chrisitie UK – Clinical Trial Support – Oncology


  • ICON – Patient Facing Systems in Clinical Trials (Gold validated 21 CFR 45 FDA compliant solution)
  • Clinical Trial Audit Support ISO13485 (Software as a Medical Device) certified mobile apps
  • IMVO – Detection of Fake Medicines

Disability and Community Service

HRB – National Physical and Sensory Disability Database, National Intellectual Disability Database, National Drug Treatment Reporting System, National Psychiatric In-Patient Reporting System, National Drug Related Deaths Index, The LINK system.


  • MyHealth + COSECSA/G4 SOPA
  • Anatomical Donations
  • Medical Student Placements
  • CPD for Doctors

Tech / Service Providers

  • GS/1 Traceability iSoft
  • Integration for surgical procedure data analysis

Our Core Solutions

TEKenable simplifies digital change for your business.
Our expertise in Low Code Platforms, Data, and AI ensures a quick and effective transformation tailored to your needs.

Microsoft Dynamics

Create a rapidly deployed, low risk solution for your business using Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Power Platform

We offer seamless application building and data insights for dynamic business solutions.

artificial intelligence

We help you deliver enhanced throughput, reduce time to market, and personalise your product offerings.

Data and Analytics

Transform data into insights with AI and advanced Data Fabrics. Drive smarter decisions, faster.

Cloud Solutions - Azure

Allocate, cut, and monitor cloud costs in order to have a well-managed cloud environment.

Cyber Security

We have commitment to secure software development goes beyond industry standards.

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We deliver according to our values. Resilience, Heartfelt Service, Always Striving and Insatiable Curiosity.

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