Graham Brierton, CTO of Voice Sage and Pete Rose, Director of TEKenable
Pictured from left to right: Graham Brierton, CTO of Voice Sage and Peter Rose, Director of TEKenable

TEKenable, a leading Dublin based software development company, has recently completed a highly innovative new automated voice survey and data analytics system for VoiceSage; a leading supplier of outbound communications and interactive voice messaging technology.

The new system enables VoiceSage to provide their customers with a complete outbound voice-based survey research and data analytics system, with the capability of handling up to 100,000 surveys per day.

In addition to gathering data on a massive scale, the new system allows detailed reporting and analytics so that the information gathered in the surveys can be quickly presented in a meaningful way to the customer deploying it. This allows marketing, sales and customer service teams to act quickly in a meaningful way on customer feedback.

Since being launched in January, VoiceSage have already successfully deployed the new product with two large utility provider customers in the UK and Ireland, with a strong forecast for other rollouts in the UK and the US later this year.

Technically, the solution is built on a Microsoft stack that includes technologies such as Microsoft .Net 4.5 and SQL Server. The development project took six months to complete and is valued at €150,000.

Peter Rose, Director of TEKenable said, “The new system allows VoiceSage to provide a highly scalable, secure research and data analytics tool to their customers as part of their cloud based communication solutions.”

“The complexities of this project and the marketing analytics requirements meant that a collaborative engineering approach was required. TEKenable software engineers worked in close partnership with the team from VoiceSage through each phase of the project and product design, so that all the skills involved were working together as one team. This approach has meant a finished product that was able to be delivered into the market and become operational with customers very quickly.”

Graham Brierton, CTO of VoiceSage said, “TEKenable were chosen to design and implement this system as it presented some unique challenges and there was time pressure for us to get this product ready to go to market in 2013.”

“The project has been a resounding success and due to the depth of the analytics and reporting that we can now give our customers, we are confident that this new system will support our the growth of our business in the UK by 30% again this year” he said.