TEKenable a leading Dublin based software development company, has today announced the successful deployment of a new software solution for the Irish Insurance Federation (IIF) that reduces the cost of business to motor insurance underwriters, creates an efficient and automated response to EU Directives and reduces uninsured driving thus increasing road safety.

TEKenable have developed a centralised system to record and manage all the movement of vehicle registrations between insurers. This solution has proven abilities to reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road and in doing so reduce the cost of uninsured claims to the motor industry in Ireland, which pays out approximately €60 million in claims annually for uninsured drivers.

The system took approximately one year to develop and is operated and managed by TEKenable. Since being rolled out, the system has been so successful that the Irish Insurance Federation has publicly endorsed it and TEKenable for adoption by other insurance federations across the EU.

Niall Doyle, Corporate Affairs Manager with the IIF, said “What was required was an efficient, low cost solution to the information requirements the EU motor insurance directive. The new system had to be able to instantly determine if a car is insured and who insures it. This information had to be up to date and available to the Gardai Traffic Corp’s on-board vehicle camera systems.”

“We now have a very successful system which meets all the requirements set out but is low cost, efficient, easy to understand and deploy.”

Peter Rose, Director of TEKenable, said “The system has saved the insurance industry and the state several million Euros by avoiding the need to build an expensive, cumbersome data-base with significant ongoing maintenance costs.

By focussing on the core issue of just tracking the vehicle number plates, not the drivers, the TEKenable solution was able to achieve the goal of compliance to the EU directive, with a project that cost €200k approximately.”

Graham Brierton, CTO of Voice Sage and Pete Rose, Director of TEKenable
Pictured from left to right - Niall Doyle, Corporate Affairs Manager of the IIF, Peter Rose, Director of TEKenable