Graham Brierton, CTO of Voice Sage and Pete Rose, Director of TEKenable
Pictured from left to right: Simon McBeth of eFlow and Pete Rose, Director of TEKenable

TEKenable a leading Dublin based software development company, has recently completed an innovative new customer loyalty project for eFlow. The reward card system has enabled the 400,000+ eFlow customers to access a wide range of benefits across many of Ireland’s leading brands.

Customer retention at eFlow is up by over 10% on a month by month basis. The project has also been shortlisted for ICT industry excellence award. TEKenable designed and built the back office systems that issue, replace, track and manage the eFlow reward cards and associated customer packs. TEKenable also built the web site with full content management functionality through which offers, competitions and customer incentives are promoted.

Peter Rose, Director of TEKenable said, “The card scheme was able to be launched and fully managed without needing any disruptive development of the core eFlow tolling systems. The simple integration between tolling, call centre and admin systems ensured that the card scheme could be launched quickly and at minimum cost.”

Simon McBeth, Director of Communications and Customer Relations with eFlow said, “The project has been a resounding success. From the outset customer adoption and engagement with the scheme has been very strong. It has also helped us maintain customer acquisition rates per month – removing the ‘barrel is dry’ scenario most new businesses reach.” “We have achieved greater levels of brand recognition along with additional flexibility for the eFlow brand, allowing us to provide additional service offerings outside of our core business of toll collection.

Some of our partners are also seeing major commercial benefits since the new system went live, for example; one of our partners said that their service centres had seen a dramatic rise in customers directly attributable to the eFlow reward card scheme,” he said.