Visit our stand at the Microsoft Tech Gathering Dublin Convention Centre

Here at TEKenable, we’ve worked with Microsoft technologies ever since we started business 14 years ago.

To take just two examples, we frequently deliver intranet projects and document management solutions through SharePoint, while we use the Dynamics xRM platform to deliver a range of work flow and process management applications.

We’re also very big fans of Xamarin, a Microsoft suite for cross platform mobile app development. We like it because it allows a company like ours, with a strong focus on the Microsoft Stack, to build the business logic for a native mobile app just once in C# but deploy it across both iOS and Android devices.

The cost savings we get from using Xamarin are then available to pass on to our client base, often making the difference between an affordable mobile solution and one that is too expensive to implement.

And this year, we’re proud that Microsoft Ireland has asked TEKenable to provide experts to staff a stand at the annual ‘Tech Gathering’ at Dublin Convention Centre in Spencer Dock.

This event, which takes place next Monday October 3rd, will include a keynote address by Satya Nadella on technology trends shaping the future and it’s guaranteed to be a fascinating day for anyone interested in the Tech sector.

As Microsoft’s partner for Xamarin in Ireland, we’ll be there to talk with you about mobile (and tablet) app development (and pretty much anything else that is on your mind) and share with you some of the insights we’ve gained over a wide range of enterprise projects.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the TEKenable stand.